24 Hours in Jekyll Island


Originally purchased in 1886 as a winter retreat for a group of northern millionaires (and America’s wealthiest families—the Rockerfellers, Morgans, Pulitzers, and Vanderbilts to name a few), Jekyll Island still maintains its reputation for relaxation, escape, and natural beauty.

Join the Club 

In February of 1904, Munsey magazine described the group of people who vacationed on Jekyll Island as belonging to “the richest, the most exclusive, the most inaccessible club in the world.” Today, you can stay at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, a four-star resort in the center of the historic district, or at one of its two neighboring cottages, the Crane Cottage and the Cherokee Cottage. With a nod to it’s historic past, the hotel is elegant and grandeur, but also simple and pleasant. Step back to a time where the little things matter most like, spending time on the rocking chairs on the porch, taking a walk around the grounds with large oak trees draped in Spanish moss, or playing croquet on the hotel lawn. Jekyllclub.com 

Nature Experience 

Just minutes from I-95, Jekyll Island feels like a world away. The barrier island offers miles of beach, marsh, and maritime forest, and the chance to walk alongside wildlife. At the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, the only reserve and rehabilitation center for sea turtles in the state, you’ll walk through an educational exhibit gallery, check in on the sea turtle patients in the hospital, and schedule a turtle walk. During hatching season (typically in August), you can start your day with an early morning, guided sunrise walk along the beach to explore and learn about the barrier island ecology, and potentially witness an excavation of a recently hatched nest. In the peak of nesting season (June through July), sign up for a starlit turtle walk to mimic the journey a loggerhead takes to the coast. Gstc.jekyllisland.com 

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