DIY Danna: 3 New Uses for a Rolling Pin


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I love finding beauty in the unexpected. There’s something very comforting in seeing things differently than others’ perceive them that makes me really excited about design. For this DIY, I tackled turning a common kitchen item into something unexpected, something beautiful. And I did it in three different areas of the home, all outside the kitchen.

PROJECT #1 Wall Art Rollers-Illustrations_1

For this project, you’ll need:

A rolling pin Fabric strips Rope

First find a few fabrics you love, preferable in coordinating colors and cut them up into two-inch wide strips of varying lengths. Don’t be afraid to bring in fabrics of different textures to add dimension. Once you have your fabric all cut to size, simply wrap the strip around the rolling pin and tie a knot at the base, allowing the fabric to dangle down in wispy pieces. Continue the process until you’re happy with the outcome. Lastly, tie a piece of rope around the handle of each pin, creating a triangle at the top for hanging. Then place your art somewhere unexpected in your home.


PROJECT #2 Ribbon Storage Rollers-Illustrations_2

For the project, you’ll need:

A rolling pin Ribbon or rope Tape Push pins

I love an organized craft space in my home, and I find one of the things that gets messy the quickest, especially after the holidays, is my massive ribbon and rope collection. To keep the pieces at bay, and provide a beautiful and functional storage option, I chose a few of my favorite ribbons and ropes and removed them from their spools. I wrapped them around the base of the rolling pin side by side, placing a push pin to secure each piece in place. Now, my ribbon is beautifully displaced and a cinch to get to. By resting the rolling pin between two tables, I can quickly swirl whichever ribbon I need off the pin in one quick roll.


PROJECT #3 Belt Hanger Rollers-Illustrations_3

For this project, you’ll need:

A rolling pin Small fisheye hooks Rope

No matter how organized I get, there never seems to be enough room for all my belts and jewelry. But of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying them! So I decided to get crafty and turn an old rolling pin into a quick storage and display for my belts and jewelry. I love the natural wood of this rolling pin and it pops nicely with my dark walls, but if you have light colored walls, consider painting the pin a bright color to add some cheer to your closet. Simply screw small fisheye hooks along the bottom of the rolling pin and use the same rope tie method as in project #1 to secure it to the wall. In a breeze, you’ll have functional closet storage that can make getting ready in the morning a lot more fun.

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