A Passion for Pickling


Margot’s Impeccable Pickles are a local product on the rise made with love by Margot Wilder. Now craved by many, Margot’s pickles were born when she sought to reclaim her kitchen from an innocent cucumber surplus.

When Margot’s backyard garden grew far more cucumbers than she knew what to do with, she whipped up a quick-pickling recipe to save the lot. She gave them a little kick, and ended up creating a delightful combination that yielded crisp, fresh pickles.

Remarkably, the practiced cook had never tasted anything like these new pickles. Margot learned to cook on her grandmother’s knee, and she has been creating her own recipes ever since. Cooking for others is one of her greatest joys, and she began to share her pickles at tailgates and parties.

Margot met her now fiancé Nick DeConna through work meetings, and the two eventually became friends. One fateful day, Margot came to the office for a meeting, prepared with a 16-ounce Mason jar of pickles to give to Nick.

Margot disappeared to her meeting and when she emerged, she found Nick holding an emptied bottle, playfully asking, “Refill, please.” He had eaten the entire jar-full in one sitting.

“He washed out the jar, gave it back to me and said, we’ve got to sell these,” Margot said.

Nick’s assertive, entrepreneurial drive was the perfect ingredient to Margot’s brimming compassion and sheer love for her craft. Margot always had aspirations to be a chef, but she never would have started selling her pickles if Nick hadn’t said that to her, she said.

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