A Passion for Pickling


Margot happily accepted Lucky’s Market’s request, and Margot’s Impeccable Pickles have been a staple in the store since it opened. Since then, Margot has established a unique connection with the community over memories Gainesvillians have shared after trying her pickles.

“It’s been amazing the last three years that we’ve been in business… to hear people’s stories about their family recipes for pickles, and how much these taste like their grandmother’s,” Margot said. “They have so much nostalgia surrounding pickles.”


“It’s been a really fun and interesting experience to connect with people over a pickle,” she added.

For the consumer, Margot feels there’s a growing movement about things being homemade, high quality, and most importantly, delicious. It’s all about the passion of the person creating the food, and for most, that’s worth paying a little extra.

Margot’s passion touches every unit on shelves today, all still handmade by her. Even if she expanded to commercial manufacturing, the recipe is just so that the pickles will always need to be made by hand.

“There’s no machine that can make these… trust me, I’ve looked,” Margot joked. When Nick and Margot started Margot’s Impeccable Pickles, they were just great friends. Throughout the process, their relationship grew, and today they are happily engaged.

“Maybe pickles brought us together,” Margot said. The couple will say “I do” this April.

When Margot began selling her pickles at the Haile Farmers Market, Nick introduced a product alongside of her. Nicky D’s Zoomin’ Hot Sauce is sold right next to Margot’s pickles to give market-goers a shelf-stable product they can take home with their fresh pickles.

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