Web Exclusive

Back to the Drawing Board


Our authentic representation of what it really means to live a fit lifestyle

Creating an original, artistic graphic representation of what it means to be healthy became our quest right after the holidays. For most of us here at The Village Journal, after feasting on way too many Christmas goodies, January is when we start to think about how to become the best-yet version of ourselves. The cover of our first edition of 2017 is a snapshot into this issue, as we offer up a multitude of health and wellness related stories and images that are sure to inspire…and hopefully put a smile on your face.

When we began to toss around our collective ideas about what this tribute to Haile Plantation health should be, we started where most modern creators go for inspiration; the web. We found plenty of collage based magazine covers from which to draw inspiration. Then we exhaled. Our designers quickly realized that piecing together organic objects as two-dimensional images would not accomplish the texture and authenticity we were trying to create.

So…we went back to the drawing board, literally. The board had to be to scale to accommodate our props so a 40” square plywood base was doused in black chalkboard paint. Graphic artists, Alexandra Villella and Rene van Rensburg, got a reprieve from their Apple monitors for the day and used the opportunity to channel their school days of drawing with sidewalk chalk. The blurbs were sketched and the masthead was added with unmatched precision. Then we packed the board into the nearest soccer mom’s SUV (thanks, Shannon) to complete the collage, and off to photographer Paul Privette’s studio it went.


The chalkboard labor of love traveled to its final destination where photography met health between the cropped edges of our final product. With the last blueberry long since gobbled up by Paul’s burgeoning brood of young boys, the cover now realized, we give you dear reader, our tribute to Haile Plantation health and wellness.

Enjoy the read.