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Creating a dedicated workroom in my space is absolutely essential for my happiness and well being. DIY projects are a huge part of my life, bringing me joy and serving as a stress reliever, so it was a no brainer when I moved into a new place that a craft room was in order. While most people are not afforded the luxury of having an entire room in their home dedicated solely to a DIY, smart planning means you can still enjoy a flexible space that plays host to crafts and home projects.



Ikea Kallax 4-cube units (2)………………………… $35 each

Ikea Omar Wire Shelving (2 large, 1 small)…..$140 total

Ikea Samla Plastic Bins (varying sizes)………..$2-6 each

Wood cut to size for the tabletop……………………….. $30


I started with two Ikea Kallax 4-cube units as the base and had wood cut to size at Home Depot as the tabletop. With the white base, I opted to keep the surface raw rather than staining or painting it to provide a nice juxtaposition of color and texture. This also made the space feel approachable and not too perfect.

Proper organization is key in any craft space. It’s important to take inventory of your materials and clean out the things you seldom use or no longer need. I opted to store all my craft/ DIY materials in varying sizes of clear plastic bins. This not only provides visual continuity, but also allows for specific categorization and organization, making project completion and cleanup a breeze.

I used industrial wire shelving to hold the clear bins. In this case, I chose function over style, as these shelving units provide ample room for storage. I paired two of the larger units with one small unit to create a single piece that spans the width of the entire wall.

The final step in making your craft room a truly special space is adding some personal touches such as a pair of favorite lamps, a special rug and a few picture frames.

With the proper storage and organization in place and a craft table that can double as a desk, I’m all set to tackle the many projects on my list.

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