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Start simple. Begin by wrapping a cluster of presents with plain brown craft paper, and then add on layers of details using color, texture and warmth with fabric, paper, tape or ribbon. I like to keep my color palette simple with a few classic holiday colors. Black, white, red and gold make the holidays feel bright, cheery and chic.


Product Photoshoot-29 editIdea 1: Starting with a brown craft paper base, cut fabric and lay over the center of the gift, securing it in the back with a small piece of tape. Next, using a metallic decorative tape, lay a strip over the center of the fabric, creating dimension. Top the decorative tape with a shimmery ribbon to complete the look.


Product Photoshoot-36 editIdea 2: Cover a small box in brown craft paper, then dress it up by adding a bit of lace to mostly cover the brown paper. Finish the look by adding a shimmery gold ribbon to the top. This is a perfect wrapping combination for a small gift such as jewelry or a gift card.


Product Photoshoot-9 edit 2Idea 3: Using a fun patterned fabric, dress up this simple packaging by adding the fabric in a cross pattern before tying a bow. Not only does the bow add a layer of texture, but its long tails add an unexpected detail.


Product Photoshoot-40 editIdea 4: Beginning with a neutral base, add strips of metallic decorative tape to create stripes on the package. Using a long and narrow piece of lace, tie a big bow to finish the gift and add a bit of texture and warmth.


Product Photoshoot-20 editIdea 5: Using the same neutral base, layer on color by cutting a couple pieces of bright paper slightly smaller than the width of the present. Place one on top of the other in the center of the box and add a fun patterned fabric on top.

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