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Decorating or redecorating an area in your home is a fun and, if planned carefully, inexpensive way to bring new light to an otherwise bland space. For this quick and easy project, I focused on my bedroom and brought in a new bedside table, lamp and picture frame to liven the room. All together, these three simple weekend projects add up to a cheerful accent to a neutral and serene space.

Materials List

The dressers from IKEA are solid raw wood, and have three drawers to provide additional storage space (A). To add some personality to the bland piece, I decided to paint it dark grey with a teal accent. I did a few good coats of dark gray paint, allowed it to thoroughly dry (B), and then using painters tape, created a guideline for painting the teal accent (C).

DIY Image Composite

I happened to have a few drawer knobs on hand, so I spray painted them a flat gold to give the piece a little extra glitz, but you can also purchase any knobs that best compliment your color scheme.

Once dry, I brushed on two coats of polyurethane to give the table a little shine and to ensure durability.

To counter the small stature of the dresser, I brought in a large picture frame to add some height (D). For this quick update to the stark white frame and mat, I added gold dots to the mat using paint and the eraser end of a new pencil. The eraser provides the perfect circular stamp and ensures consistency throughout.

Lastly, I added trim to the lampshade using ribbon and hot glue. Since the lamp has detail in the base, I wanted to keep the accent rather simple. I decided on a ribbon that is the same color as the shade with delicate navy blue stitching, just to add a little interest to the shade. This small accent also brings an additional layer of dimension to the bedside vignette.



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