Finding Strength in Family Balance


Pure Barre Gainesville owners, Moana and Marshall Tucker, chose to embrace the business of fitness to find strength and balance for their family.

Life in the twenty-first century has raised the bar on young professionals to multi-task and stretch precious time resources to the limits. So how does a high-energy, goalcentered, family and work-oriented couple create a balance between career and home life? They intertwine them.

It didn’t happen overnight, but Marshall and Moana Tucker were committed to spending time together, raising their children, and building a future for themselves in the field of fitness. That’s how their Pure Barre enterprise came into being earlier this year.

Moana (meaning “deep ocean” in Hawaiian), was born and raised in Jacksonville Beach. At the age of eleven, Moana met Marshall Tucker, whose family had relocated to Jacksonville Beach from the Baltimore/Annapolis area. A strong friendship developed between them as they entered their teens. They began dating and were married in 2010.

Prior to their marriage, Moana and Marshall had come to Gainesville for college. Graduating in 2009 with a BS in finance from the University of Florida, Moana commented, “I guess I was always pretty good in math and developed a passion for finance early on in my life.”

Joining the brokerage firm of Merrill Lynch, Moana worked for the Wall Street giant as a financial advisor for seven years and became one of the company’s youngest licensed CFPs (Certified Financial Planner). Different opportunities within Merrill took her from Jacksonville to North Carolina, the Panhandle of Florida, and Alabama. “I loved cultivating meaningful relationships with my clients, helping them plan for retirement, and securing their financial futures,” she recalled. “But the work hours were intense and not all that conducive to starting a family, which Marshall and I wanted to do.”

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