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Like most good ideas, Blue Door Casseroles took a while to germinate before sprouting into being. Owner Laura Moseley always had a passion for creating interesting culinary delights and began entertaining friends with home-cooked
meals as a teenager. Having grown up in Tallahassee, she earned her B.S. in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University in 2001. Laura then worked in the insurance industry in Jacksonville and Atlanta for over a dozen years. During that time, she met and married Matt Moseley, a Director of Underwriting with Nationwide Insurance and together they had a son, Walker, now age five.

Today Laura still works part-time on a flexible, remote basis for an insurance agency in Atlanta. But in recent months she has also donned
an apron more frequently to create unique, wholesome dishes in her Haile-based organic meals company, Blue Door Casseroles.

“I’ve always loved cooking for others
and experimenting with different flavor combinations,” she said. “My friends have been generous and so helpful with their ideas and input. This business has also been a response to the challenge of putting together healthy food choices for the picky meat-and- potato eaters at home, my son and husband.”

Having developed her own website, bluedoorcasseroles.com, Laura established a marketing presence on Facebook where she welcomes feedback and ideas from
her enthusiastic, expanding customer base. With an ever-evolving menu, Laura currently offers six flavor-packed side and main dish casseroles: Broccoli and Quinoa Cheesy Bake, Slap Yo’ Momma BBQ Chicken Pasta, Ms. Sharyn’s White Chicken Lasagna, Hearty Pasta Bake, Chicken Parmesan Pasta and the customer favorite, The Standard (Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole). Each casserole
is available in two sizes: a 9-inch round that generously feeds four and a 9 x 13 large feeding eight to ten.

What sets Blue Door Casseroles apart is
the quality of ingredients, most of which are organic, used in an effort to give customers an alternative to standard frozen dinners or fast food fare. As Laura observed, “With the crazy-busy schedules of today’s families, it’s nice to be able to come home to a delicious, wholesome casserole that looks and tastes wonderful, and makes you feel good after
you eat it. And I can assure you that it’s less expensive than feeding a family of four at most fast food restaurants.” For added convenience, Blue Door Casseroles also offers home delivery for a small additional fee.

Having faced her own issue with gluten sensitivity, Laura is continually educating herself on the best and tastiest ways to combine ingredients to adapt to different dietary restrictions. She also felt it was important for Blue Door to offer gluten-free and vegetarian options that have grown to be extremely popular. She noted, “Sometimes I’ll have a girls’ night at my house where we’ll do tastings of new recipes.” As a result, she is experimenting with different ingredients for the traditional carb-heavy casseroles, such as cauliflower rice, and plans to introduce more paleo-friendly offerings in the coming months. It’s all been quite a learning experience for Laura, too. As she recalled, “When I was doing some early marketing research, the Kale, Spinach, and Artichoke Pasta Bake got rave reviews from so many people. But what’s happened in reality is that this particular dish hasn’t really taken off. So it’s a trial and error sort of operation, but also fun because I get to explore new combinations all the time. And of course, we all know that food tastes better when it’s made with love.”

Speaking of love, the Moseleys have also cooked up a little baby brother for Walker due to arrive in August. Laura said with a laugh, “I hope at least this one will eat more vegetables than his brother and father!” Also sprouting
at the Moseley house is an organic spring
and summer garden that promises to yield wonderful tomatoes and fresh herbs to be incorporated into future Blue Door Casserole dishes.

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