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The business of organizing thrives on the stress of our complicated personal and professional lives. Homes are bursting with stuff, some of which we never use or can’t find when we need it. Workplaces demand too much from too few workers. Solo entrepreneurs seem to work all the time. Thanks to the ubiquity of digital devices, we’re on duty 24/7.

The focus and scope of organizing have evolved into a variety of subspecialties. With information accumulating at a faster rate every day, we have more to process, which affects our ability to make decisions and take action.

Organizing expertise is needed for clutter control, space planning, residential concerns, finances, photographs and other collections, downsizing and relocation, computers, estates and yard sales, and the management of time and schedules. Special populations for organizing include seniors, students, and those who have Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning differences. Life transitions such as birth, death, divorce, and health issues create a need for reorganizing priorities and lifestyles.

Most of us have experienced the cost of disorganization.

Money: Have you missed the due date on your credit card bill? Do you know where all your important tax receipts are? Is your car serviced often enough to avoid costly repairs?

Time: Do you waste time looking for papers needed for work, school, or the children? How often do you double back home to retrieve a forgotten lunchbox for one of the kids?

Productivity: Do piles of paperwork hide your desktop? How often do distractions take you off course, possibly affecting your raise or promotion? Will your business succeed if you’re doing too much low priority work?

Disorganization causes stress, often affecting our health. The organizing industry offers education through a burgeoning selection of self-help books, magazine articles, products sold in catalogs and retail stores. Computer apps deal with time issues through alarms and list-making. Productivity gurus, professional organizers, and trained coaches offer one-on-one inspiration.

Better organization does not cure life’s larger problems, but it does contribute a sense of calm, control, and freedom when life gets out of hand.

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