Natalie Nicole Green


Makeup by Kara Winslow | Hair by Donnie Lanecaster

Styled by Andrea Love-Leonor | Location: Skylab Studios

Stars aren’t born from reality shows and record deals. They’re born from living room showcases with hairbrush microphones, and jam packed middle school auditoriums full of proud parents and awestruck friends. They’re born from karaoke nights, practicing in the mirror and singing in the shower. That’s where the passion starts for most singers, and that’s where it started for Natalie Nicole Green, a 25-year-old who is currently making her way in the country music business.

Like most aspiring country music stars, there’s only one city on the map of the U.S. that matters; Nashville. While singing and performing throughout high school, offers came from record companies in Nashville. The temptation to forego higher education and enter the music business immediately was there, Green said, but her parents kept her future in focus.


“My parents are a little bit older than most people my age, and probably a little bit wiser, too,” Green said. “They were supportive of my dream but they also wanted me to have a backup plan. They wanted me to get a degree in business before jumping in, so that’s what I did.”

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Florida and began taking the steps toward managing her own career. As a musician, songwriting, singing and performing is only one, as Green would say a small, part of the equation. The first obstacle for any musician is getting shows and being heard.

“To become successful in this business you really have to be business minded. You either need to find those people to help you with the business side or do it yourself,” she said. “The reality is, the entertainment industry is a multi-faceted business. I am in talks right now with some management companies and booking agents because I can’t take care of everything anymore, I just don’t have the time.

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