New Year, New Resolve


Here’s to a Happy New Year! Today, you have a clean slate and endless possibilities for success. How will you harness your potential in 2014 to enhance your life? I recommend using the teachings of Dr. Maxwell Maltz from his legendary book The New Psycho-Cybernetics.

Dr. Maltz created the original science of self-improvement and success, so who better to turn to when you’re ready to take your life to another level? His teachings have helped athletes, scholars, business owners and many others reach their goals – there is something everyone can take away from his message.

Try the following advice and watch your goals become your achievements this year.

Use Your Imagination

If you think you left your imagination behind, you might want to reconsider taking time think creatively again. One of the key points in The New Psycho-Cybernetics is the technique of using your imagination to reprogram and manage your self-image.

According to Dr. Maltz, your self-image is the key to changing your actions and habits. If you want to lose weight or get a promotion, you first have to think of yourself as someone who has already achieved that goal. This technique can be used to help you overcome a wide variety of obstacles from something as simple as starting a new exercise habit to something as complicated as reaching a financial goal.

Both short-term and long-term goals are shaped by your self-image, and the more you imagine yourself achieving those goals, the more likely you are to reach them. Focus on seeing yourself as already at your goal and experience a day in your life where you have lost weight or you already have that promotion. Imagine everything down to the smallest detail.

According to Dr. Maltz, this imagination time will begin to change your self-image to that of a person who has already reached your goal, and your actions and habits will fall into place.

Reject Negative Thoughts

Having negative thoughts is a normal part of the process of change. Whether you think you will never really get into an exercise routine or that something will prevent you from your ultimate financial goal or even if one life’s surprises step between you and your success – something less than positive is bound to surface.

Dr. Maltz says that the less time you spend on a negative thought the less likely it is to affect you. Ideally, the instant you receive a negative thought you should dismiss it. The quicker that you dismiss negative thoughts, the less impact they will have on your self-image. You’ll find that fewer and fewer negative thoughts arise once you get into the habit of dismissal.

If pushing negative thoughts to the back of your head is easier said than done, try replacing the negative thought with a positive one about your goal. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and you have reached a plateau, focus on how your eating habits are healthier and your fitness level has increased. Finding positives during the process will help you be more successful in the long run.

Be Nostalgic For The Future

Typically, memories of the happier golden days are rarely in short supply, and while it’s nice to recall those memories, they won’t help you reach your goals.

Instead, Dr. Maltz recommends developing nostalgia for the future. If you have already imagined yourself thinner or promoted, you should start planning for what you want to achieve next. Are you going to give yourself a fitness challenge now that you’ve reached your goal weight? Is there a project you can execute now that you’ve been promoted? Your self-image will lock onto these images and your nostalgic feelings will fuel the fire.

I’m The Kind Of Person That…

What kind of a person do you want to be in 2014? Your self-image will fulfill any label that you put on yourself; whether that label is negative or positive is up to you.

Consider the following when defining yourself this year:

  • Are you the kind of person who hates running or loves to ride your bike?
  • Are you the kind of person who has trouble saving money or is slowly but steadily reaching a long-term goal?
  • Are you the kind of person who never gets recognized at work or who is always willing to help out?

Thinking about the same situation in either a positive or negative light can affect how soon you reach your goals. If you look on the positive side and focus on seeing yourself attaining your goals, you just might reach them before 2014 is over.

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