Spotlight on Neighbors: Matthew and Stephanie Richeson


Not everyone is blessed with the talented touch of a chiropractic doctor or a classically-trained violinist. But Matthew and Stephanie Richeson share this unique gift; they just express it differently through their healing and entertaining work.

A native of the suburbs of Chicago, Stephanie’s desire after high school was to attend a Christian college. That decision took her to Florida College in Tampa where she met her future husband and Gainesville native, Matthew Richeson. After obtaining a scholarship to major in violin performance at the University of South Florida, however, Stephanie transferred there and graduated in 2001. It was a banner year: graduation, a move back to Chicago, and marriage to her college sweetheart.

Shortly thereafter, Matthew and Stephanie moved to Davenport, Iowa where Matthew studied chiropractic medicine at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Stephanie taught violin full time and began performing with the Quad City Symphony. She recalls, “When I found teaching and playing in public to be so rewarding, I was even more grateful to my mother. She was the one who enthusiastically encouraged me to practice and do my best throughout my musical training.”

After Matthew graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2005, the couple moved back to Gainesville to pursue their careers and start a family. That family now includes son Maxim (eleven), who plays the viola, daughter Sasha (eight), who plays the violin, and son Roman (three), who also plays the violin. After living in the northwest section of town for three years, the Richesons bought a house in Haile in 2009. Since then they’ve taken full advantage of the friendly, accommodating atmosphere of the neighborhood where their children participate in basketball, gymnastics and swimming.

“There are about four families close by with an open-door policy; our children are constantly running back and forth in the course of their various activities,” Matthew says. “It’s a truly wholesome place to raise our kids, and we’re grateful to have found a home here.”

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