The Bosshardt Family


A University of Florida German class brought them together twenty years ago. He recalled affectionately, “Kim was the brainy, pretty student; I was the lucky one.” Today, Aaron and Kim Bosshardt are united by marriage, children and their closely related careers in real estate.

Aaron, a third-generation real estate salesperson and property manager, is the son of Carol Bosshardt, who grew up in the Midwest and earned a BA in social work from the University of Wisconsin. She learned real estate first-hand from her mother. In 1976, Carol launched her own career, and from small beginnings, grew her Gainesville real estate business to comprise over sixty staff persons and one hundred sales people.

Aaron recalled, “As a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC, my mother raised my sister, Stacey, and me to respect the ethic of hard work and social responsibility. My sister attended the University of Chicago and New York University Law School. She’s currently a senior staff attorney for the Justice Department in Washington, DC.”

Aaron serves as president of Bosshardt Realty and oversees the day-to-day operations of their expanding residential and commercial sales business and their property/ association management branch. Aaron commented, “I really enjoy working with and helping people, and I’ve been fortunate enough to assist in building a team of the best agents in this field. They are—along with our entire administrative staff— collaborative, dedicated, and great at what they do. What’s even more special is that they generously and regularly give back to the Gainesville community.”

As for enduring the real estate depression of the last five or so years, Aaron summed up his thoughts: “We’ve worked diligently to learn some difficult lessons. We are better equipped going forward now, and will strive to profit from the collective mistakes of our industry. It hasn’t been easy, but we are stronger for having survived the hardship, and look forward to a full recovery and even more profitable expansion.”

A third branch of the family business, Bosshardt Title Insurance Agency, is run by Kim Bosshardt, Esquire. Additionally, she’s in private practice as a partner of the Law Offices of Moulton Bosshardt, LLC specializing in real estate development, lease preparation, business entity formation, landlord-tenant and probate matters.

Born in Pensacola, Kim grew up in Miami, Florida. She earned her BA in Political Science with a minor in Economics in 1999 from the University of Florida and her JD with Honors from UF’s law school in 2003. Just after graduation, she and Aaron, who had married in 2000, had their first child, Jack. Daughter Cosette followed a year later and daughter Rose, four years after that. All three children are students at Archer Elementary School.

Kim noted, “We’ve lived in various homes in Haile Plantation since 1998, and currently have the luxury of having our kids’ grandmother, Carol, just a mile away. She gives them literally a second home – a place where they can go play in rooms of their own and generally just be spoiled. They really enjoy their shopping trips together, too.”

In their spare time, the Bosshardt children participate in local theatre productions, horseback riding, soccer and golf lessons. Jack, age 10, may also be a future budding politician, having successfully campaigned for and been elected as a member of the Archer Junior City Commission. Kim added, “Jack is representing his school at the city level He is part of a young educational/leadership program that enables students to learn about democratic processes and to update the city commission on local school needs and issues.”

Not only are the Bosshardt’s busy professionals balancing careers and family activities, but they are passionately dedicated to community service. Aaron serves as chairperson on the board of the Children’s Home Society, a large local charity involved in protecting children, creating strong, stable families, mentoring teens, and providing adoption services and parenting classes. Their annual “Puttin’ on the Ritz” gala fundraiser at Santa Fe Fine Arts Hall is an event that the Bosshardt’s enthusiastically support.

Kim said, “Next year, Aaron and I will also be acting as co-chairs for the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball on Valentine’s Day. This particular organization is personally meaningful to our family, as our son Jack was diagnosed with atypical Kawasaki disease at the age of two – a virus that affects the heart, cutting off blood flow to vital organs. It can be fatal if not caught and treated quickly. We were fortunate enough to have him diagnosed correctly early on, thanks to the great physicians at Shands Hospital.”

This fall, Aaron and Kim will be busy organizing Bosshardt Realty’s annual golf tournament at Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club, to be held in October or November. This event raises money for PALS: Partnership in Adolescent Lifestyle Support Program. PALS golf tournament is a premiere event benefiting the UF Health PALS Program and consists of a golf scramble, lunch, dinner and short program for the golfers and their guests. For the past thirteen years, Bosshardt Realty Inc. has been supporting this tournament by raising funds and awareness for the PALS Program. PALS provides teen counseling in all Gainesville public high schools and works closely with peer leaders to teach students how to cope with issues such as violence, bullying, drug abuse, diversity and low self-esteem. As Aaron summed up, “It’s an organization that helps young people focus on working together, striving to identify their similarities, rather than dwelling on their differences. Through specific programs and counseling, teens can get beyond exclusion. Anything that helps to create awareness, compassion and understanding is something we need in society, and a goal we wish to support.”

As conscientious partners, parents and professionals, Aaron and Kim Bosshardt set a high standard for self-motivated, purpose-driven action in their lives. Both strong, capable individuals, they make an impressive team when helping others make important strides in their own lives.

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